One May 2010, she wore a big purse to a lounge that would turn into a loud club as the night progressed (unbeknownst to her). To be specific, it was a big work purse that held everything from your lunch to your work-out clothes. He was an innocent bystander looking to use the one-stall bathroom her friend was in. Diligently waiting for her friend and feeling amused she told him it would cost $10 to get the next turn. With no hesitation, he asked if she had change for a $100 bill. A few hellos, drinks, and several dances later he had the digits. Next came a brunch, but unfortunately life got in the way and the timing wasn't right to move to date #2. A few texts and missed calls later, the two would vanish from each other's inbox. Four months later, he turns the page of a friend's yearbook and there she was. And there, and there and everywhere throughout the yearbook. The girl who tried to charge him a bathroom fee happened to be captain of this and that, president of this and the other and valedictorian of the particular graduating class of the particular yearbook that laid in his particular hands. He had thought about her just a week before and decided this was a sign to reconnect. And he was right. They went on what they always call their second first date - closing out a local restaurant. The rest is history. And now, one Sunday in late May 2017, the couple will exchange vows and continue on the next phase of their relationship.